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This page last updated on:
July 15, 2022

StrikingColor Glass makes limited production 104 compatible* striking silver glass.

Due to pandemic induced issues, and an upcoming relocation, production will be extremely limited for the foreseeable future.

This link to a Youtube video of a bead made with StrikingColor LMB4015 glass demonstrates how to strike and restrike the glass for different colors.
If you want to save time and just see the striking of the bead, start the video at around the 5 minute point.


* "104 compatible" is a rather ambiguous term meaning that these glasses are generally compatible with other popular flameworking glasses considered "104 COE" such as Moretti/Effetre and Vetrofond. However, due to the fact that glass compatibility is dependent upon more than COE alone, as well as the fact that we have absolutely no say in the quality control of other manufacturers (and not even all of their own colors are compatible with each other), we at StrikingColor cannot guarantee our glasses to be universally compatible with those from any other manufacturer. If you will be mixing with glass from another manufacturer, compatibility testing with that glass before going into production is strongly encouraged.